About NocTel Fiber

The NocTel Fiber Network began in January 2018 when local property owners started talking about the current Internet situation in numerous neighborhoods surrounding rural Clark County. Abysmal, hopeless and slow were some of the words used to describe their current Internet services. After reaching out to many local providers about obtaining their broadband and to ask for assistance, no help came.

It was time to take charge and build a network, and that is exactly what started the Ammeter Fiber Network. Due to it's success outside the initial project scope, our service has been rebranded in 2020 to NocTel Fiber.

After considering many options on how to provide Internet services, fiber optic cable was determined to be the fastest and most reliable solution for our area. The NocTel Fiber Network currently has miles of fiber optic cable installed with plans to rapidly expand our network throughout the Clark County area.

In June 2019 we added more capacity to our network and now offer speeds of 100Mbps and more in our service areas. We continue to increase network capacity and install new customers without overcommitting our resources.

If you are experiencing issues with slow Internet or unresponsive providers, check your address to see if we're in your neighborhood today. If we're not in your area yet, we're keeping tally of how many requests are coming from each neighborhood and will prioritize installation in that order.

Tell all your neighbors about NocTel Fiber and be the next neighborhood on our list.

We hope that you will join us soon!

Fiber to the Forgotten